Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Poo: Dr. Bronner's Castille Almond
Cowash: None
Condish: BioInfusion Rosemary Mint
Style: KCCC Cocktail, BRHG, JCAIS

Absolutely love the Dr. Bronner's. When the sulfate heavy shampoos are all gone the family is going to be using this as well. They'll get used to it I think.

Combed in KCCC Cocktail then scrunched with flour sack towel. Plopped up until dressed. Scrunched in BRHG and plopped for about an hour or so. Diffused dry, SoTC with JC Awe Inspiriling Spray. Big hair today.


Decided to try the soap bar poo everyone has talked about on nc.com. I got Dr. Bronner's Almond liquid. Diluted it 1:1 with water, so runny have to be careful.