Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cowash: BioInfusion R&M
Condish: BI R&M
Style: Aloe, Tresemme Tres Clean Hold Gel, minute amount of Meditation Oil massage oil, BRHG

Soo after having found my little bottle of BIR&M last week I used it up. I loved what it did for my scalp and my hair if I had a lot to put on, it was really runny. This morning I picked up a 33oz bottle and whaddya know it's thick as any conditioner. I guess that bottle was just a fluke. Anyway, I love it period, it's an HG for me.

Mixed aloe w/massage oil, finger brushed thru hair, scrunched.
Scrunched in dime size of Tresemme then scrunch drier. Plopped while getting ready for work.
Scrunched in dime size of BRHG.
SoTC at work. I don't like the smell of the massage oil, it's not the same as regular meditation oil because it's diluted with other stuff. Will have to dig out the regular meditation oil and see. Expiramenting with oils seems to be a good thing. Will also have to try the lavendar oil I've got in the herb cabinet.

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