Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Poo: SheaM Y&B shampoo
L/I: DB Pumpkin
C/E: FSG & FSG/Re:coil/DB pumpkin
Gel: GF Pure Clean gel

Shampoo like usual at beginning of shower
Rinse upside down, finish shower
rake in L/I but no more than necessary (once per section)
2 dollops FSG (palmfuls) scrunched in
1 half dollop (half dollar) FSG + dime re:coil + half dime db pumpkin, emulsify
super soaker 5 times
plop with first FSTowel, get dressed
Remove first towel then palm scrunch in 2 quarter size of GF pure clean gel
plop with new towel making sure to lift head from towel and pull nape hair up

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